Birthday Party Packages

Looking for a memorable birthday party option full of unique kids activities that are sure to put BIG SMILES on everyone’s faces?

Corn Cob Acres - Lancaster PA Birthday Parties Birthday Parties at Corn Cob Acres

Corn Cob Acres is the perfect place for birthday parties. The kids will have a blast playing on the many activities and games that Corn Cob Acres has to offer. The adults can play along or sit back and watch the kids having fun. Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to your private birthday party area. This will be your exclusive area for the next two hours to come and go as you please. Leave the entertaining and the mess to us so that you can enjoy this special day.


Base Package - $200

Corn Cob Acres Birthday Parties

  • (1) FREE birthday child admission along with (1) FREE Corn Cob Acres T-shirt.
  • Admission for up to 15 total guests. (This includes adults and children. Birthday child not included in total party count)
  • 2 hour reserved party area. (5 designated time slots)
    • Three different time slots are available on all Saturdays, Labor Day Monday, Columbus Day Monday, and Fridays Oct 7th,14th, and 21st:
      • 10:30am - 12:30am
      • 12:45pm - 2:45pm
      • 3:00pm - 5:00pm
    • Two different time slots are available on all Sundays:
      • 12:30pm - 2:30pm
      • 2:45pm - 4:45pm
  • (1) "Free Return Pass" for each child attending the party

Contact us to book your birthday party now.


Package Add-Ons

ACTIVITY: Gemstone Mining

Add $4.00/child to the $200.00 base package.

  • Bag of Prospector mining rough to pan
  • Collection bag for all the treasures
  • ID card
  • One (1) helper.

CRAFT: Pumpkin Painting

Add $3.50/child to the $200.00 base package.

  • Medium pumpkin (1 for each child attending).
  • All paints and supplies.
  • One (1) helper.

MEAL: Hot Dog or Pizza

Add $3.25/eating guest to the $200.00 base package.

Option 1: Hot Dog
  • Meal includes:
    • A hot dog in a bun (ketchup and mustard packets)
    • A snack bag (selection of chips and/or pretzels)
    • A juice box
  • Non-themed table coverings, napkins, and plates provided. (Birthday cake and/or ice cream are your responsibility).
Option 2: Pizza
  • Meal includes:
    • A slice of pizza
    • A juice box
  • Non-themed table coverings, napkins, and plates provided. (Birthday cake and/or ice cream are your responsibility).
  • Looking to purchase whole pizzas and you supply the rest of the meal? $12 per whole cheese pizza. Must be ordered prior to party date.

Lancaster PA Princess Birthday Party

CHARACTER: Pumpkin Princess/Cowboy

Add $100.00/party of 15 guests (Over 15 guests $5.50/guests).

  • Character accompanies the party guests for one (1) hour of the two (2) hour party reservation.
  • Hands out one (1) tiara or one (1) cowboy hat per child.

Custom Packages available upon request. Contact us for additional options and times.


Birthday FAQs

What if I don’t have 15 guests?

There is no discount available for parties under 15 total guests. Additional guests, over 15 total, are admitted at the group rate.

What if a parent wants to accompany their child at a booked party, do they need to pay and are they counted in the party's total?

The base package includes 15 total admissions (both children over 2 years old and adults). We will charge the group rate of $11 per person for each adult or child over the 15 person limit. Exception applies for birthday parties where the child is turning 4 or younger. In this case, (1) one adult parent may accompany their child free of charge and is not counted toward the party's total.

What does a "Party Area" include?

Each party area is a private, fenced in, gated area, that consists of one (1) gift/food table, two (2) picnic tables, and a trash can.

Are decorations included, or can I bring my own for the party area?

Decorations for the birthday party are your responsibility. Prior to your reserved time, you have 15 minutes to set up and decorate.

Can I bring outside food in for my booked birthday party?

Yes. Your birthday party reservation permits you to bring food for your party. Meal options are available. We need notified in advance if you are choosing one of our meal options.

What activities are available for those attending the birthday party?

All the fun activities and games available with a regular paid admission are yours to enjoy.

Do we have to leave Corn Cob Acres after our 2 hour party reservation ends?

You are not required to leave the park but you must vacate the birthday party area so that the next group may come in. After leaving the birthday party area we would love for you to stay and enjoy the rest of your day with us at Corn Cob Acres.

How do I book my party?

We require pre-registration and a non-refundable deposit of $50.00.

Request a reservation for your party or group now. Our Event Coordinator will contact you once we receive your reservation request.

Where do I check in for my reservation?

You will come to our ticket booth and check in. A staff member will escort you and your group to the party area.

I'm dropping off/picking up my child from a birthday party. Where do we go?

For drop-offs, park as directed and make your way to the ticket booth where a staff member will direct you to the party area. For pick-ups, coordinate with the birthday parent to pick up your child at the ticket booth once the party is over.